EML Trims Solution Limited 成立於 2009 年,我們是一家專業從事設計和製造的製造公司

- 塑料和金屬鎖弦(品牌印章)
- 包裝繩(主要用於吊牌)
- 包裝掛鉤和衣架(主要用於紙包裝)
- 可持續產品
- 不同種類的緊固件和服裝配件

EML Trims Solution Limited was found in 2009, and we are manufacturing company specializing in the design and manufacture of

- Plastic & metal lock strings (Brand Seal)
- Packaging strings (Mainly for hangtags)
- Packaging hooks & hangers (Mainly for paper packaging)
- Sustainable products
(Recycled Plastic, Organic Cotton, Biodegradable Material)
- Different kind of fastener and garment accessories